The Universe is telling us

Something is Going to Happen

the story so far

The Concern of 2019

Back in the summer of 2019 a group of friends and I started to notice certain feelings. We could tell that the Universe was starting to feel different. No one was sure what was up, the there was a feeling of dread among those who were sensitive to it. As the year went on, we started to talk more and more about it as the feelings became stronger. Starting around December of that year, we started to hear about something called Covid-19. Even though we all knew something bad was going to happen, most of us, certainly me, didn't know that Covid-19 was going to disrupt all our lives to the extent that it did.

In January of 2020, as we started a New Year, we shared our feelings with each other a little more. More talk about Covid-19 started to be heard, but the only known cases of it were on the West Coast, a long way from us on the East Coast. In February, we started to hear reports from the CDC and the World Health Organization that this was going to impact us all sooner or later. Turns out it was sooner.

By March, the case numbers had grown tremendously, hospitalizations numbers were huge, and the Death Toll started to rise. Businesses started to shut down and for a while all eyes turned to Toilet Paper. Some was caused purly by hording and some was caused by some hoping to make money by supplying it at huge profits. The evil of man started to come out.

More and more the effects of the pandemic started to be felt. Misinformation started to spread, much of it coming from elected government officials. Some people thought that it wasn't really happening, others thought they were being repressed. Many companies started "work from home" initiatives, as "shelter in place" became mandated. Frustration escalated, Tempers Flared, as some people feared for their lives while others felt they were invincible and didn't need to follow medical guidelines.

But it was about to get much worse

Whether the frustration of Lockdown was part of it or not, certain incidents sparked the need for some to organize protests. These were mostly meant to be peaceful though passionate requests for attention to racial or lifestyle problems, but certain other organizations of those who had a vendetta of some sort, saw these as an opportunity to cause mayhem and destruction. Violent Crimes, Gun Violence often including children, grew to daily occurrences. This added to the fear and anxiety of the greater part of the population. The Universal Energies became saturated.

Along with these, forest fires of unprecedented size were happening in many places, and Global Warming was blamed for the size and frequency of the fires. Very strong Hurricanes and Devastating Tornados seemed to be happening constantly. Global Warming brought more dissention among the people. Caused by vast deforestation and over manufacturing effluent, fixing the problem meant that people would have to do without luxuries they were used to, and loss of jobs by those people who nothing more.

At the same time, people around the world were trying to escape problems in their own country and make their way into other countries where they grass looked greener. These people were desperate to find a better life for themselves and their families, but faced discrimination, blocks, and even a Wall to keep them from making it into other countries where they thought they would be safe.

A Nation Divided

Here in the US, people were massively divided on all these issues. People were almost forced to take sides. The voice of opinion became very loud. Social media allowed anyone to state what they thought was the truth and spread around information that was in many cases totally wrong. Some of this was done on purpose, while much of it was just untruths being spread by people who didn't know what they were doing. But these feelings spread like wildfire. Anyone who wanted attention, could take a stand with a public audience just by stating some opinion on one side or the other of these dilemmas. Politicians lead the charge, all hoping that soon they would be able to say, "I told you so." when thigs went wrong. Many spoke out of both sides of their mouths, saying one thing to some people and the opposite to others. Consistency was not their strong suit. This led to large scale distrust of anything that was said. As Vaccines became available, a lot was passed around about the benefits or detriment of taking them. Conspiracy theorists had a heyday and became very argumentative. People got tired of wearing masks and complained that they shouldn’t have to wear one. Not holding parties and social gatherings felt like the government was taking away basic rights. People got into fights on airplanes, made very disparaging remarks about school district leaders, and even threatened government officials in their area.

And it got even Worse

Along came the election for President. There was more than the usual political mud slinging as candidates tried to show how their capabilities were better than the other. With the Virus on everyone’s mind, options were considered to allow people to vote by mail, but the President destroyed the Postal Service in hopes that their votes wouldn’t get through. However, another option became available with drop boxes to put mail in votes into. Tension was high as the votes were counted, and then started the trouble. The current President failed to accept that he lost the election and started a long series of issues making claims that he won when he didn’t. This stirred up more hate than I can remember seeing in the country ever. People got divorced over the differences of opinion. And it all culminated with an attack on the Capital to try and stop making the election results official.

2020 and 2021 where horrific years. This was not just a local U.S. situation, but worldwide. In our store, people on all sides of the issues came in, not knowing what was making their anxiety levels so high. The Universal Energies were so saturated with hate and negative emotions, that people who had never been aware of the energies were suddenly feeling them. Throughout 2020 and then 2021, they came in looking for something that could bring them calm, peace, and remove the negative feelings that they were having.

As 2021 comes to an end, there has been a lightening of the spirit around us. Those who, like me felt that something was coming, would talk about how their feeling had been correct. Most of us agree that things have settled down a lot since the height in 2021 but there are still ripples.

Happening again

Just like before, people are talking about the feeling of something coming. There are shifts about to take place, and like before we don’t know what, or when, but it is coming. It’s been growing stronger, though so far, it doesn’t seem as devastating as the last time. But be advised. A shift is coming and we need to be prepared for it.

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